Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to give you a heads up to a course I recently authored. It is one of the results of a partnership with Berklee College of Music and Coursera. Coursera is an organization that is bringing free college courses to the world. The idea is that if you have access to the Internet, you will have universal access to knowledge at no cost. It is quite an amazing opportunity for students all over the world. I was honored to be chosen as one of 4 authors for this initial collaboration with Berklee. My course is called Introduction to Guitar , and is designed to help folks to take that first step towards learning guitar. It gives you the fundamentals for building knowledge on guitar. It may even be useful for clearing some grey areas of guitar knowledge for folks who have been playing for some time. Introduction to Guitar is a 6 week long course and covers everything from the names of the strings and guitar parts to tuning, basic scales and basic chords. It ends with a couple of very easy songs to play. It moves at a comfortable pace, is very methodical and concise and it has had overwhelmingly positive reviews so far. The first semester enrolled roughly 120,000 students. Currently  it is approaching 200,000 in total enrollment since that first time! (Thats a lot of guitar lovers!) It will run again sometime in the next month or so.

So altho many of you may be experienced guitarists, you may know someone who has thought about learning to play guitar. Spread the word and encourage them to sign up! It is free and sometimes all it takes is that first step to a lifetime of musical fulfillment.

Here is a link to a promotional video describing the course content:

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    Where does one find your suggested reading for your Coursera course?

    Really looking forward to your course and hoping to learn your relaxed method of playing. Have been practicing for 6-7 years and can read tabs and play most songs but maybe not up to speed. Being familiar with all the chords and the ability to change chords quickly can be challenging but practice makes perfect. I know you will cover this and strumming in your course and am sure I will get lots out of it. Love the Beatles and have lots of books on their music and am beginning to appreciate how beautiful their chord changes are as in A day in the life etc.
    Looking forward to it.
    Best regards

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